IMG_1205Princess Party

Watch as your little girl gets ready for the royal ball and transforms into a princess! She will pick out her gown, shoes and accessories and then it is on to the make-up,nail stations to get pampered in royal style. Next, she will participate in the royal princess ceremony and be sprinkled with magic princess dust. All of the newly sprinkled princesses will walk the runway in the royal fashions show. Then, it is off to the tea party to enjoy snacks, our special “Princess Tea” and cake. Next the princesses will enjoy a magical storytime and then make their very own royal craft to take with them to their palace. Finally, each princess will be given a magical princess gift bag filled with royal treasure to take with them. Each princess will leave with memories for a lifetime! (recommended for ages 4-7)


Princess & Pink Unicorn Party

This is princess party with a twist. Each girl will enjoy becoming a princess by picking out her gown and accessories. She will be transformed with make-up and painted nails. Then, we will sprinkle them with our magic princess dust after we take the princess oath. All of our perfect princesses will walk the run way in their very own fashion show. Then, it is off to the royal tea party to practice our Princess manners. Once we finish the tea party, all of our Princesses will have the opportunity to stuff her own precious pink unicorn. The princesses will then participate in an adoption ceremony of their unicorn and bestow a royal name to her new friend. Next, each princess and her unicorn will take a group picture, capturing every perfect smile. Both princess and pink unicorn will leave with lasting memories! (recommended for ages 4-7)



Diva Party

This is not your little sister’s party! This is the party for all of you glamour girls and future rock stars! Come into the palace and put together your own special diva costume. Next, you accessorize!! Glam, jewelry, sunglasses, feather boas and more to complete your glamour look. Visit the nail and make-up station to polish off the glamour girl look. After everyone is glammed up, we will have our Diva Ceremony to turn all of our glamour girls into Divas with an oath and dusting of magic Diva Dust! To show off our new diva’s, each girl will walk the runway and strut their stuff in the funky Diva fashion show. Then, its off to the tea party with snacks, “Diva Tea” and cake. After eating, it is time to sing and dance to show us all of their diva moves. Finally, each diva will make her own magic diva dust to take with her to always remind her of her divaness! Each diva will leave with her own special diva goodie bag to continue her diva style at home. Memories of this rock star party will last a lifetime! (recommended for ages 7-10)


Spa & Sparkle Party

Oooooh, la, la….lets go to the spa! Come to the palace and get pampered and sparkled in royal style. We start with a royal hand and foot treatment that will soothe and satisfy tired hands and feet. You will enjoy yummy spa snacks (chocolate covered strawberries) and our special sparkling spa punch. Finally, you will be treated to a palace make-up application to polish off your sparkling transformation! Each spa girl will go home with a spa gift bag filled with items to pamper herself at home. This party is available for all ages, however is recommended for ages 9-12


Custom Party

We want you to have the party of her dreams! We can customize any of the above parties, or we can do a completely custom party in the theme of your choice. We will work with you to come up with a theme or any other creative ideas to make your party the party of a lifetime! All customization is done on a per quote basis.