Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions that are asked when planning a My Party Palace party…

How many children can attend a party?

We suggest keeping the attendees to about 8-12. This is a comfortable maximum number. However, if you have more, please talk to us about how we could arrange the party in order to accommodate a higher number.

Is there a minimum number of attendees?

We do not have a minimum number in order to have a party. However, we price the party based on 8 guests or less. If you have less, we are unable to adjust the price to a lesser price, however we do promise that the girls will have a fabulous time, regardless of the number.

Do you customize parties?

Yes. If you would prefer to customize a party rather than do one of our “packages”, we would be happy to do that on a quote basis. We can also “customize” one of our packages to fit your needs on a quote basis. We will always try to stay as close to the package price as possible, however it will depend on what the customization request is.

Do you come to my house?

No. We are not set up to be mobile. Part of what sets My Party Palace apart is that you come to a completely decorated facility, have a great a party and then leave the clean up to us! There is no messing up your home, no kids running around your house where you don’t want them to go, there is an ending time and we do not have to try to clean your house as well as you do! This provides a venue that is special for your daughter and all of her guests.

Do you hire out your princess appearance characters?

No. We want to be sure that our princesses are available for those clients who attend a party at My Party Palace. The only way to be able to accommodate that is to not have them “hired out”.

When should I book my party and how do I book a party?

We typically schedule parties 3-6 weeks in advance. However, if you have a last minute request, we are always happy to check our schedule for any cancellations and will gladly let you know what dates/times we do have available. We recommend scheduling 3-6 weeks out if you have a particular date and time you are needing.

We require a $50 non-refundable deposit to secure a date and time for your party. We are reserving this time specifically for your party, so if you need to cancel, the deposit would be non-refundable. We appreciate your understanding of this policy so that we can maximize the availability for all of our special princesses!

To book your party, please call or email us via our contact us page.

Other common questions….

What is included with the party?

Dress up costumes, jewelry, shoes, boas, wands, tiara, and other appropriate accessories. Makeup and finger nail polish. Party Palace “tea”, snacks, plates, forks, cups, napkins, candles, lighter, serving knife. Runway fashion show, group picture set up, gift bag with 5 items. Upgrades are available. Please look at our price menu for options.

What is the flow of the party? This is an example of a princess/diva

The party lasts about 1:45 minutes. We block a 2 hour time slot to allow for changing back into the girls clothes.

    1. •Girls arrive and pick out their costumes and accessories
    1. •Makeup and nails
    1. •Princess/Diva ceremony
    1. Runway Fashion Show
    1. •Set up for group picture
    1. •Tea Party/ snack time
    1. •Karaoke, dancing/ story time ( depending on party package)
    1. •Make Princess Craft/Diva Dust craft
    1. •Get gift bag
    1. Change into own clothes
  1. •Go home with memories for a lifetime!

Can I bring additional food?

We provide snack mix as well as the Party Palace “tea” for the girls. We do not know how many parents or other party watchers are attending. Therefore we are not able to provide food/drinks for those watching, such as parents. You are welcome to bring non-alcoholic drinks and/or food for those watching (please talk to the owner/party manager if you should want to bring alcohol).

If you want to bring additional food for the tea party, we suggest tea sandwiches and fruit trays. Pizza and other sauces are not allowed as they do stain and ruin costumes if not careful. We do not allow ice cream or ice cream cakes. We have done over 2000 (YES- 2000) parties and our experience tells us that the girls tend not to want to sit at the tea party for very long. So, if you bring a lot of extra food, it is very likely that you will end up taking it home. Please take that into consideration when planning on what, if anything, you bring.

At what point in the party do the girls eat?

The tea party starts at about an hour into the party. If the party is after school or around lunch time, we suggest that you include “snacks and cake provided” on the invitations so that parents will know to feed their children prior to arriving at the party.

Can I bring an ice cream cake?

Unfortunately, we are unable to allow ice cream cakes or ice cream in the Palace. We apologize however it is very messy and has ruined our items in the past.

What if my daughter’s sibling wants to come and watch?

Siblings are welcome to come and watch. However, if the sibling participates in the party in any way (including but not limited to: make-up, dress-up, tea party, etc) we will need to charge $25 each additional guest over 8). We must charge for each participant regardless of how much they participate as this requires us to integrate them and provide supplies to accommodate each one.

My daughter has some close friends/relatives that are boys, can they come to the party?

We are a very’  “girlie”  place and our experience has shown us that boys find nothing attractive about a pink and purple “palace”. You are welcome to have boys attend, however please understand that boys will take the party to a whole new intensity level as they become bored by all of the girlie stuff. You are welcome to discuss your particular situation with the management prior to the party.

Can the siblings of the guests come and watch the party?

Yes, siblings are welcome to watch. Please note however, that depending on the age of the siblings, they may become jealous and want to participate. Since we do not know who was and was not invited, we will rely upon the host Mom to control who does and does not participate.

It will also be helpful for you to know that we are not baby/toddler proof. If there are siblings that are crawling or walking, they will need to be watched carefully. It is possible that there are small beads, pins, or objects that they can choke on if they are not watched very carefully. We suggest that you have a designated person to watch additional children. We cannot be responsible for children who are unsupervised.